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Update ESX SSL Certs with your own Windows Domain CA Certificates using PowerCLI

Replacing ESX SSL is the easiest of all the vSphere components, in my opinion. Unlike vSphere 5.1, you can use Microsoft’s Web Server SSL template, and there’s no need to use the Java keytool or reregister the service with SSO.

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Update vSphere 5.1 SSL Certs with your own Windows Domain CA Certificates using PowerShell

One month ago when I finally got my vSphere lab set up, I had no idea that getting rid of those annoying untrusted SSL errors would be such a colossal undertaking. I have my own domain CA and thought it

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[Solved] Parallels Desktop: Interface vmnet1 is not present. This should be created at boot time.

I recently modified my Parallels DHCP settings because I’m really particular about the internal subnets I work with in the lab (192.168 is the ugliest subnet ever). Once I modified the file at /Library/Preferences/VMware\ Fusion/networking (OS X) my Parallels Desktop

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VMware ESXi 4.0: Create Virtual Machine Error Caused by NSF File on Western Digital MyBook WE

Such an awkward title, I know. It’s just hard to encapsulate the following error message into a blog post title: Create virtual machine Error caused by file /vmfs/volumes/0-cb8d2a5-20-f15722/win-2k8.vmdk Basically, I’m taking ghetto to the next level by using my

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VMWare ESXi 3.5: Creating an ISO Image from a CD/DVD-ROM

I always use ISOs in the datastore as CD/DVD devices in my virtual machines. Tonight, I had to make images of my Windows 2008 DVDs but because my tiny laptop doesn’t have a DVD/CD-ROM build-in, I had to rely on

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VMware Server 2 for Linux: HOW-TO Disable VMware Virtual Infrastructure Web Access

Many people are not aware that VMware Server’s resource intensive Web Access/Web MUI is not required to administer VMware Server 2. As I detailed in a previous post, the same Windows-only thick client used to administer ESX Server, Virtual Infrastructure

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HP DL380 G4 and VMware: Will Not Run 64-bit Virtualized Guests.

I read all the Internet debates about how it might or it might not and I can confirm that I tried it and it didn’t work. The server runs the host OS, SuSE Linux 64-bit, beautifully but it totally craps

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VMware Server 2 Beta: Use Virtual Infrastructure Client to Speed Up Administration

The web interface for VMware Server 2 Beta for Linux is garbage; it’s both slow and unattractive. Even VMware Server 1 and ESX Server 2.5 from years ago had a faster/nicer web interface. VMware Server looks a bit like ESX

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